FollyFeastLab is an experimental design studio based in Los Angeles, co-founded by Yara Feghali and Viviane El Kmati 
We create visually-led immersive and interactive experiences to address present social and urban themes

Amal’s queer road diary

Immersive video wall

LA Forum Los Angeles 2020, Los Angeles
SCI-Arc Channel, Los Angeles
Be.longing looks at 20 different residential neighborhoods in L.A. to tease out the particularities of their domestic front porches. The focus is on the story of Amal, a woman who is on a journey driving through L.A.’s neighborhoods in search of her own queer community. Stereotypical symbols of queer culture and their manifestation on the houses’ front porch.

The projected, immersive experience allows visitors to maintain social distancing guidelines by remaining in their cars and watching from inside. The “drive-by” portrays a filmic diary of sorts, viewed through the visitors’ own car windows as if they were themselves driving through the reconstructed queer neighborhoods.