Valentines in Things City
Set in the future of logistics spaces

Animated Short Film

Finalist independent shorts awards (ISA) ,Los Angeles
Film + Performance program in the Art Science Museum, Singapore
Official Selection Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles
SCI-Arc Fiction & Entertainment Edge Symposium, Los Angeles
Speculative urban design exploring post-human spaces and the algorithmic organization of logistics spaces.

Valentine in Things City is a research and design project that imagines the future of post-human spaces like Google data centers and Amazon warehouses. Using the same artificial intelligence code that organizes logistics infrastructure, a fictional fulfillment center at the scale of a city has been procedurally generated.Things city is designed to accommodate only delivery drones, logistics bots, and packages as its citizens. Through the eyes of the city’s machines, we watch as a girl enters Things City on Valentine’s day searching for a lost package.

Uncanny Valley
An emotional tale of a female drone

Short Film

Cyberia Festival | New Media Playground, TIFA Working Studios, India
Frankfurter Rundshau, Daily Newspaper, Frankfurt
This short film explores the codes and conventions that have led Virtual Reality into its contemporary condition; the threshold between the digital representation of the space experienced and the space of experimentation. Uncanny Valley acts as a revealing mechanism of the various stacks of ‘eyes’ involved in the perception of the author’s familiar spaces in Frankfurt.

Her human eye looking through the camera eye of the drone, rotating in space, scanning through its depth perception eye. Designed in collaboration with the machine proto-algorithmic eye Uncanny Valley reveals spaces from inside out.