A+D Museum - One object at a time - Curated by Ebrahim Poustinchy - VR experience - 2021

A+D, One Object at a Time is based on a collection of digital objects by participants; objects with a variety of characteristics, articulations, and digital materiality; Inhabitable or uninhabitable, shelled or solid. However, the scale/orientation/multiplication of these objects remains vague, and open to curators' reinterpretation. The objects come together, one at a time, digitally curated, scaled, positioned, and reimagined as "part" of a bigger "whole." The exhibition space is no longer a platform to showcase the objects; In this instance, the collection of objects becomes a medium to produce an experienceable exhibition space. Via an online VR platform, the objects serve both as the exhibition—space, and the exhibited, simultaneously.


Folly Feast Lab

6/5/2022 1 min read